Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stampin' write markers

SINGLE Stampin' write markers are on sale for a limited time, 10th-30th Nov.what a great chance to purchase these markers as they are normally sold in there color families You can buy these markers for $4.95 each. I use these markers alot so I will be stocking up on colors that I use all the time. If you would like to order some markers just contact me by email.

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Heather said...

Hi Julia,

I am glad you started following my blog because I had lost the address to yours and I had not been able to find it for a while now. You have some really cute stuff! Wow I have missed a lot.

I love my Markers I recently purchased a 2nd set because my markers get pretty beat up by customers some times so now I have my set and customer set.

I did a Marker club where 4 people are in the club. Each month they get 1 color group of the markers the same color group of Card stock, and then each month the "hostess" gets the case, all hostess benifits, and a white gel pen. At the end of 4 months all ladies have their whole set of markers all the colors of card stock, a white gel pen, and a free hostess set, plus some free stuff too. I let them take outside orders and such the month they are the hostess to boost their hostess earnings.

Now off to see some more of your really cute stuff!