Saturday, May 21, 2011

convention awards

I am so proud of Maureen and Tracy (my sister Demos) and of Course Simone (my upline) If it wasnt for stampin up I would never have met theses fantastic people. Congratulations on your many awards xxxx TOP 25 DEMONSTRATORS of the year Tracy NO.6 Simone No.7 Maureen No. 10 and Janine (my upline , upline) NO. 24 how good is that. woo hoo
after we did our stage walk we received a beautiful stamp set arent the gift bags Fabo
And this is me doing my( stage walk for sales) cuddling SHELLI (I love Shelli) she is such a lovely person and a wonderful role model and such an inspiration .


Paige Hanley said...

So proud of you mum! you look beautiful xoxoxo

Scrapin Mel said... Paige's comment....and yes you were a stunner....